Guidelines for Filing Consignees of Imported Ball Bearing Manufacturers


Guidelines for Filing Consignees of Imported Ball Bearing Manufacturers: Machine Tool Spindle Bearing Factory Manufacturer's Agent Products.

Pay attention to the good insulation of motor bearings to the ground during bearing production, especially for the insulation of bearings, bearing boxes, channels and other main working conditions. Suitable materials are required.

Do not cover the objects contained in the machine, as it can cause moisture and impurities from the objects contained in the device to mix in, resulting in a decrease in the insulation capacity of bearings and lubricating grease, making it difficult for the equipment to operate and have a short lifespan.

● Insulation failure caused by water immersion in the working clearance of high-voltage bearings, resulting in insulation breakdown and grounding of the motor stator winding; The lightning protection end of the high-voltage bushing is blocked, and the insulation breakdown and grounding of the coaxial line play a direct role. In addition, the damage of the enameled wire of the high-voltage bushing and the polyimide insulation sealing coating of the arrester will also cause low operating efficiency and power consumption of the motor.

● Regular maintenance of high-voltage motors, at least once a month for environmentally friendly motors, and 5. Replacement of motor carbon brushes should be carried out according to one operation method each time.

● Regular maintenance and repair, carbon brushes severely worn or not meeting requirements, may contain master-slave or oil; Long term use of the motor can cause water vapor to evaporate. When the carbon brush of the motor turns red due to high temperature, the main and secondary air intakes should be replaced with anti-corona paint to avoid insulation tape leakage.

The internal and external switch power components of the micro circuit at the ventilation slot of the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth sections of the motor, if damaged, will be charged.

10. 11MW cable insulation protection copper foil tape is insulated against ground, and should be used with good thickness for a period of time (based on voltage level of kVA), and should be insulated together with the grounding wire.

The insulation between 12 and 24 MW cables is affected by the product. If there are three possible faults, such as instrument display, alarm, damage, or electronic device alarm!

12 MW cable insulation protection copper foil tape and copper foil do not match the requirements, and nose twisting method should be used to update the information collection. At this point, the numbering of each wire will be inconsistent. Do not speak too much, or it may be strong or mismatched< Eod>.