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Floor fan motor shaft Electric Motor Shaft at Best Price



Floor fan motor shaft Electric Motor Shaft at Best Price


The motor shaft refers to the shaft on the motor rotor. As one of the core components of the motor, our motor shaft has the characteristics of high strength, high precision requirements, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and good processing performance to ensure that the motor performance and service life.

High strength: The motor shaft needs to bear the huge torque and axial force from the motor load, so it needs to have high strength characteristics to ensure that it will not break or bend during work.

High precision requirements: The diameter, length, roundness and other dimensions of the motor shaft need to be precisely controlled to ensure the working efficiency and stability of the motor.

Good wear resistance: The motor shaft needs to have good wear resistance to ensure that the performance of the motor will not be reduced or damaged due to wear during long-term use.

Good corrosion resistance: The motor shaft usually needs to work in a humid, corrosive environment, so it needs to have good corrosion resistance.

Good processing performance: The motor shaft needs to be manufactured with a suitable processing technology, and the material also needs to have good machinability to ensure processing quality and efficiency.


Information needed for shaft inquiry

It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.

1. Shaft dimension

2. Shaft material

3. Shaft application

5. Required quantity

6. Other technical requirement. 


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NIDE can supply the full range of electric motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.

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