NIDE team Significant Improvement in Three Phase Washing Machine Motor Automatic Stator production line


  The critical process in fully automatic stator production line is coil winding and inserting, now NIDE team successfully developed fully automatic stator coil winding and inserting machine which has three coil winding stations and one coil inserting station. The launch of this fully automatic stator production line is a significant improvement, it’s a big step forward in stator production automation field.


  The machine is suitable for various type three phase motor stator production, such as washing machine motor stator, etc. The three phase coils are wound individually on the three winding stations, the phase separators are put automatically on this machine. The process parameter can be programmable on the HMI, machine is servo system control, reliable and stable.


  This fully automatic stator production line is helpful for motor manufacturers to advance the production automation, improve the motor consistence, reduce the labor cost. Good choice to all the motor manufacturers.