Precautions for machining geared shaft


The following are common shafts: reducer shaft  , Mobile phone hinge (flip or rotary screen phone) , Laptop hinge , Portable DVD reel , LED table lamp shaft , LCD display shaft , GPS and other car brackets , etc.

While understanding the shaft , Do you know how he processes and what problems he should pay attention to during processing, which must be considered during the processing. as follows:
(1) In order to ensure the machining accuracy of the shaft, it is generally necessary to carry out roughing, post-finishing, and processing in multiple stages. Semi-finishing operations are required when necessary, and the machine tools are also matched.
(2) When there are central holes at both ends of the shaft, the standard center hole with the guard cone should be used as much as possible. It has a 1200 protective conical surface and is suitable for multiple clamping of the shaft and rotor assembly, so that the shaft machining loses precision due to damage to the center hole. The B-type center hole can be selected when the national standard specifies that the shaft end diameter is greater than 6 mm. The center hole at both ends should be processed simultaneously with a standard center drill and a special machine to ensure the highest quality.
(3) The machining of the keyway, groove and thread on the shaft should generally be carried out before the finishing of the semi-finished car, so as to avoid the large cutting force of the shaft after the finishing, which causes the bending deformation of the shaft.
(4) In order to improve the cutting performance of the shaft and the dimensional stability after processing, the heat treatment process should be properly arranged before and after the straightening, roughing, and semi-finishing, and the type of heat treatment should be properly selected. Normalizing is usually carried out before roughing. The main purpose is to refine the grain of the metal and improve the cutting performance. The quenching and tempering treatment is generally arranged after the roughing, and after the treatment, better comprehensive mechanical properties can be obtained. Bonfires are generally performed prior to grinding to increase the strength and hardness of the shaft and improve wear resistance.
(5) When machining the step shaft, the machining process positioning reference and the measurement basic reference should be consistent with the design standard on the product drawing as much as possible, so that the machining allowance can be minimized, the machining process is simple, and the machining accuracy is improved.