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Wholesale Thermal Overload Bimetal Motor Thermal Protection Switch




Wholesale Thermal Overload Bimetal Motor Thermal Protection Switch 


Thermal protection is a method of detecting over-temperature conditions and disconnecting the power to the electronic circuits. Thermal protectors are specifically made for motors. When the motor's heat rises too high, the thermal protector turns off electricity. This stops the motor from overheating and catching on fire. Thermal protectors are placed internally inside the motor.

17am thermal protector 

Thermal protector Special Features

1、Precise operation of the operating temperature and the creep phenomenon does not ocuur;

2、High temperature resistant lead wire, customizable as per customer requirements

3、Miniature size, easy to install

4、Trip off Temperatures: 55-160 degrees centigrade. Special specifications are available for customization.

5、Optional Normally Close type and Normally Open type

6、Repeatable temperature performance over life

7、Each part enbironmental standards are strictly enforced.


Thermal Protector Application


The thermal protector is suitable for various motors, electrical tools, chargers, transformers battery, fluorescent ballasts and lightings, electric pad, electric blanket, laminatorand Home appliances, etc.


Thermal protector technical requirements:

The lead wire  UL3135, 20AWG red silicone wire.   (customized)
Contact capacity:  50V 5A, contact type: normally closed. 
Contact resistance: When the contact is closed, the resistance between the lead wires is ≤50MΩ.  
Rated breaking temperature:  150±5°C; Rated reset temperature 105±15°C.  
Mechanical strength of lead wires or terminals:  should withstand static tension of 60N/ 1min without loosening, cracking, deformation and other defects    
The insulation resistance of the lead wire or terminal and the surface of the insulating layer of the casing ≥10MΩ.  
Electric strength:   

a. When the contact is normally closed, the lead wire and the insulating layer of the casing should withstand 1500V/1min without flashover and breakdown.

b. When the contacts are thermally disconnected, the lead wires should withstand 500V/1min without flashover and breakdown.


Thermal protector Picture Show


KW bimetal thermal protector switch.jpg


Customized Thermal Protector Structure:

 thermal protector switch

thermal protector

thermal protector for motor

17AM thermal protector

1. Customized lead wire: Customized wire material, length and color according to customer needs

2. Customized metal shell: Customize different material shells according to customer needs, including plastic shells, iron shells, stainless steel shells, and other metal shells.

3. Customized heat shrinkable sleeve: Customize different high temperature resistant polyester heat shrinkable sleeves according to customer needs


About Motor component and  accessories

NIDE can supply the full range of electric motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.

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